The Gorumars

The Gorumars inhabiting Nirnivia and Ostark are humanoid, meaning they have a similar appearance to a human. Their intelligence level is also comparable. In fact, so little differences exist between the two species that you could bring a Gorumar on a trip to earth and no one would notice. Still, upon closer observation, differences can be noted. For one thing, they live longer than the average human, with a lifespan of between one hundred and ten years and one hundred and thirty years. Their bodies are simply built better, everything's a little tougher and, as a result, they age slower, recover from injuries faster, and are more resistant to diseases. Like humans, several races populate the land: The Brigs, the Jonilans, the Perz and the Zargs.


The Brigs are the largest group in the world of Gorumars. Through history, the Brigs have, on average, formed 37% of the population. Since the old war, the proportion changed greatly, so now, the percentage is 51%. Physically, the Brigs have bronzed skin and a large variety of hair and eye colors. They are a festive lot by nature and, for the most part, accepting of other cultures, though they expect to be treated with the same respect.


If the Brigs were the largest group, the Jonilans were a close second at 32% of the population. On a physical level, Jonilans tend to be quite tall. The women, in particular, are considered almost giant-like compared to other races. Black is by far their most common hair color, though brown and even blond can be found if someone looks hard enough. Their eyes, on the other hand, tend to be brown and almond-shaped. As for their skin, the tone is like the Brigs, but lighter. Culturally, Jonilans are reputed as serious people who put great values in the following of rules and social norms. While generally friendly and tolerant of other cultures, they expect strangers to follow their custom when on their land and punishment can be harsh for those who don't. This is especially true in matters concerning religion and, thus, there's a notion that to debate faith with a Jonilan is madness. Unfortunately, this fact led to their downfall: Jonilans fought recklessly in the old war and paid a hefty price. They went from the second largest population to the lowest at roughly ten percent.


At seventeen percent of the population, the Perz lacked the strength in numbers of the Brigs or Jonilans, but they made up for it with ingenuity and intense labor. An industrious group of people, the Perz invested a large proportion of their resources into science. Most major scientific discoveries involved them in one way or the other and they are known as masters of technology. Their skin tone is a dark brown, far darker than the Brigs, but they share the formers' variety of hair and eye colors. Perz history is tragic. They lacked a stake in the old war and so Perz countries attempted to remain neutral. Some were forced to fight due to treaties with Jonilan or Brigs countries, but even they reluctantly did so. Despite this, the Perz suffered massive casualties, much like everyone else except the Zargs. Many Perz feel like victims of the old war because of this. Despite their loss, the proportional population of Perz remained at 17% percent, mostly due to the Jonilans' decimation.


The Zargs used to be the smallest people with only 14% of the population, but this actually grew to 20% after the old war. This is because the Zargs were the least affected by the conflict. Historically, the Zargs lived in a restrained territory encircled by mountains. As a result, they were isolated from the rest of the world. Though they were aware of other cultures outside their borders, and there was the occasional contact, they preferred keeping to themselves. Their lands were seen as having little value by the Brigs, Perz, and Jonilans so they let the Zargs be, which suited them fine. This changed after the old war. Most of the planet became inhabitable save for the Zargs' territories, and so the other three races suddenly took an interest. It's likely the Zargs would have resisted these new arrivals, but the situation forced them to greet them with open arms instead. Due to their isolation, Zarg science, though impressive in its own right, lagged behind the others. While less touched by the radiation brought by the war, they still needed Brigs, Jonilans, and Perz technology in order to survive in this now harsher world. This means that like the Perz, Zargs tend to see themselves as victims of the old war and the two people formed a bond over this. Though rarer in modern days, not that long ago, one could easily find a group of Zargs and Perz in a bar complaining about how the Brigs and Jonilans ruined their societies. The most distinguishing feature of the Zargs is their pale skin. Their hair and eye colors are varied, much like the Brigs and Perz.