James Hunter

A twenty-seven-year-old convenience store clerk, James doesn't give much value to his life. He deems it boring and inconsequential. Though, deep down, he wishes he'd become something more, he resigned himself to what he considers to be a mediocre existence despite his girlfriend's encouragement to go after his dreams.

Everything changed for him on a fateful day: October 16th, 2007. While James headed to a cinema for a date, he suddenly teleported into another world for no apparent reason; a bad situation made even worse by the fact the inhabitant of said world proved hostile, except for a lone mysterious benefactor named Rose Ricdeau to whom he owes his life. Trapped between warring factions and counting few allies on his side, James soon realizes boredom wasn't so bad after all.

Rose Ricdeau

Rose is a red-headed woman who always seems to be wearing the same white dress. Well, actually, she owns several copies and only dons something else when in private. More shocking than her clothing, however, are the wings protruding out of her back, a feature that struck James as angelic when they first met. For unknown reasons, Rose took an immediate interest in James once she learned of his arrival and offered him protection when he needed it most. She also gave him a place in her home: Special quarters situated deep in an underground military facility where she remained for over three years.

In appearance, Rose is a gentle woman who puts great care into taking account of others' feelings. She speaks with a soft yet enchanting voice and easily offers a smile, but looking into her eyes, one would see a deep sorrow. Rose doesn't like talking about her profession. Whatever her social position might be, she is shown great reverence by the population, maybe even to the point of bordering on fear. Rose considers herself unworthy of the respect she receives and seems to hate a single thing more than the unwarranted adulation: her own wings.

Daniel Ricdeau

Though he might not look it in his old age, Daniel Ricdeau used to be a great soldier, both in terms of combat and strategic abilities. Thanks to his skills, he rose through the ranks until, one day, he reached the top and became the commander of N.I.S.D.A (his country's military force). Like before, he excelled and earned the reputation of being amongst the top five, maybe even three, commanders in history.

Despite his rank, Daniel always shows respect to even the lowest soldier. They serve their country and, thus, earned it. Years of battle taught him what it means to join N.I.S.D.A and he values his men and women's lives. Losses are guaranteed in this field, but he tries his best to minimize them. Due to his attitude, the men and women under him view him not only as their superior, but also a friend and a father figure.

In terms of demeanor, Daniel is calm and mild-mannered. He's quick to laugh and remains a simple man at heart. Still, don't let his apparent gentleness fool you: he is perfectly capable of violence should the situation call for it. While under normal circumstances Daniel is good company, he has a reputation for being intense during stressful events. People remark that they sometimes feel like he's seeing every little detail about them.

On a personal level, Daniel Ricdeau married Madeleine Gainsborough. Together, they had three children: a boy named Lawrence, a girl named Janice, and an adopted daughter, Rose Ricdeau

Madeleine Gainsborough

If anyone has a reason to hate the clergy, Madeleine Gainsborough would certainly earn a spot on the list. Her mother, Sophia Gainsborough, had been a priestess who the church unfairly demonized almost to the point of excommunication. Despite this injustice, Madeleine's faith remained strong and she followed in her mother's footsteps. Her parentage earned her some difficulties at the start, but over time, she earned her stripes and even redeemed Sophia's good name. Eventually, she became the head priestess of the Ulgoronisoism's progressive branch, the highest position.

Madeleine is a sophisticated woman who enjoys fine arts, concert music, and the opera. She speaks in an old form of the language devoid of contraction. This peculiar speech pattern and her sophisticated taste can give an impression of haughtiness, something she would deny with conviction.

Madeleine married Daniel Ricdeau who later became the Commander. It seems strange that the head priestess and Commander would end up together and rumors of an arranged marriage can be heard if you listen. No evidence of such a union exists, however, and if asked, both Daniel and Madeleine will claim otherwise. Together, they had three children: a boy named Lawrence, a girl named Janice, and an adopted daughter, Rose Ricdeau.

Janice Ricdeau

Daughter of Daniel and Madeleine Ricdeau, Janice followed in her father's footsteps and joined N.I.S.D.A. She inherited her father's fighting prowess, though her tactical skills aren't quite as sharp as his. That's fine with her: Janice would much rather risk her own life on the battlefield than order someone else to do so.

Physically, Janice is a bit of a contradiction. At over six-feet tall, she possesses a muscle mass that puts most male bodybuilders to shame. Yet, she moves with the delicateness of a dancer. Her strong build might be intimidating at first, but her personality contrasts appearances. Janice is generally considered good company: funny, smart, and filled with fun. She's always up for a game of Rubarg after work hours, capable of making a joke and certainly of taking one. She often teases people, but in a charming way. Most who know Daniel aren't surprised she's his daughter. Personality wise, she's closer to him than highbrow Madeleine. On the surface, Janice seems in good enough terms with her family. She speaks with them often and works with her father, and yet should one observe even not that closely, it's easy to notice a certain tension there.

Ron Tigh

As N.I.S.D.A's second in command (Koporal), Ron Tigh has big shoes to fill and he tries his best to do so. Though he also excelled during his career, his good friend Daniel always outshined him and that's fine with Ron: he never thought he'd rise as high as he did in the first place and Daniel more than deserved his current position. The two of them have been inseparable for years, a fact that surprises a lot of people for they both have opposite characters. While Daniel is calm and pleasant by nature, Tigh is a grumpy old man with a permanent complain on his lips. He is brisk, impolite, generally obnoxious, and beyond stubborn. He's even known to butt heads with the venerable Rose Ricdeau on occasions when the mere thought of doing so would terrify most people.

The soldiers under him don't like Ron very much, though they don't dare say so to his face. Still, he's aware of their feelings and it's a mark of pride for him. Making the Commander look good is part of the Koporal's job; even if that means you have to play the bad guy in his place. Tigh doesn't generally enjoy people's company all that much so the role suits him. There are really only two people he really can say he likes a lot: Daniel and his daughter, Janice, and you could add Madeleine to the list if you really needed a third one. For sure, he respects her a great deal.

Nicky Standford

Nicky is a rising star in N.I.S.D.A and one of Daniel's proteges. Make no mistake, she wasn't handed that honor, but rather earned it. She started from nothing and became noticed by the Commander through sheer competence. Unless of a major faux pas, she has a brilliant career in front of her.

Jonathan River

A genius who graduated from university at the age of fifteen, Jonathan is part of N.I.S.D.A's technical team. He's devoted to his task and has a strong sense of right and wrong; the kind of man who will defend an innocent victim even at a great cost to himself. He can be a bit blunt and isn't always liked because of this, but everyone knows you can trust and count on Jonathan Rivers' word.

Jonathan is one of the rare individuals who are part of the now-uncommon Jonilan race. Few of them remain in the world of Nirnivia. Despite the Jonilans being known for their strict adherence to religious conventions, Jonathan is an atheist. He doesn't publicize this fact, however, for atheists aren't very popular in Nirnivia.

Brucie Garland

Ever heard the expression, 'he's an asshole, but he's our asshole?' Well, that's a fair description of Brucie Garland, Rose's bodyguard and avid bodybuilder. He's built like a brick wall, is as tough as one, and hits like a tank. Yet, for all his physical prowess, Brucie is most well-known for his (bad) sense of humor. He tries to make people laugh with his quips and sarcasm, but too often, it ends up mean-spirited despite his good intentions. Still, people tolerate him because while he is rough around the edges, there's something lovable about the big oaf' At least in (very) small doses.

In appearance, Brucie never takes anything seriously. He's always nonchalant and spouting off silliness. He even mouths off to Rose, his boss, on occasions, though if she showed any signs of actually being offended, he'd beg for mercy. Many wonder why Rose hired such a buffoon as one of her bodyguards. Truth is, Brucie is dedicated to her and takes his job seriously even if he doesn't show it. Being a bodyguard means you might take a bullet for your boss, and in the case of Rose, he'd be willing to do so even if she didn't pay him.

Doug Thomson

The respected moderator of the Nirnivian council, Doug Thomson is one of the country's most prominent politicians. He is a powerful man indeed and is often claimed to be incorruptible, though with politicians you can never know for sure. With over sixty years of service, he's one of Nirnivia's most accomplished officials and a well-known public figure.

Jade Carlson

When she was a teenage boy, Jade Carlson wished to become the first transgender councilor. She failed as two people managed to accomplish the feat before her. Still, Jade isn't bitter about this since it means social progress happened faster than she hoped, and being the third isn't too shabby even if she says so herself. Politicians can be a tricky lot, but Jade is reputed to be one of the good ones; always looking out for the common folks even if it goes against her interests. The fact she managed to remain in politics for over forty years without compromising her integrity shows she plays the game far better than most.

Kristina Dupree

A beautiful, but shy blond woman, Kristina is Rose's personal assistant. In appearance, Kristina can seem cold, distant, and confident; not afraid of brushing people off if it suits her. Truth is, she's actually very self-conscious and worries about what others think of her, to the point where company feels like a weight to her. She hates being touched and generally stands far from people in order to avoid accidental contact. Not surprisingly due to her personality, she lives alone, though Rose sometimes tries to convince her to give Marc, a handsome N.I.S.D.A cook who has a crush on her, a chance. So far, she showed no interest in doing so, or pursuing a relationship in general.

Perhaps to compensate for her lacking social life, Kristina dedicates herself to her work. She always carries her minicomp, a tablet-like device, so she can perform tasks whenever she has a spare second. By her own admission, Rose would be lost without her, for Rose is always in the spotlight while Kristina lingers in the shadows and makes her boss look good. That's fine with her as she doesn't like the light all that much anyway.


Most mutants in the world have relatively minor deformities, but Diabo is in a class of his own. His red skin is hard as stone and his strength is beyond what any normal person can hope to achieve. As if that weren't enough, Diabo's body can regenerate. Cut off a finger and, in a matter of days, it will have grown back.

In the past, Diabo had a fairly inconsequential life until he became a founder of the terrorist group, BBR, along with Plague and Stalker. The trio abhorred Ostark and, in particular, Doctor Death, though Diabo's rage trumped the other two and seems to grow with every passing day. When the Nirnivian Council decided not to pursue the war effort against Ostark, bringing forth the period known as the uneasy peace, they considered it an act of treason. They thus founded BBR in order to keep the fight alive.

To the world at large, Diabo is known as the leader of BBR. In truth, he is more of a figure-head. Plague makes the important decisions from the shadows. Due to severe health issues, Plague judged himself unsuitable as the face of BBR. Who would want to follow a dying man to war? Whoever led BBR needed to convey a sense of power and strength, two qualities he lacked, but Diabo possessed in spade. For the first few years, the arrangement worked out well, despite some minor disagreements, but lately, Diabo has been getting more impatient and ruthless. He often challenges Plague's orders which he considers mere suggestions.


Once a forensic investigator, the mutant Plague now finds himself in the unlikely position of being BBR's brain. A smart child growing into a smart man, he always enjoyed science and plays a role in most research and development efforts put forth by BBR, slight as they may be due to their limited resources. Since he's never been a part of the military, Plague, of course, lacks the experience and tactical genius of the likes of N.I.S.D.A's Daniel Ricdeau. Still, he possesses a sharp mind and his unconventional background means he often adopts strategies that baffle his opponents to the point of success.

It is unclear how long Plague has to live. His mutation rots his body little by little. He lost his vision years ago and he has limited mobility. This is part of the reason why he chooses to be the man pulling Diabo's strings rather than a visible leader. No one would mistake Plague for a healthy man: His eyes are yellowish orbs devoid of irises and, his skin decayed with a greenish hue giving him the appearance of a zombie. Often, he suffers from lesions that bleed profusely, a major problem since contact with his blood, and to a lesser extent, his skin, is poisonous and can lead to death if untreated. Due to this, Plague covers himself in a copious amount of clothes and bandages to protect others from his condition. In particular, he never removes his gloves.


If Diabo provided the brawn and Plague the brain, then Stalker provided the means. A large part of the money, as well as weaponry, necessary for BBR's foundation came through Stalker's connections, though how he came to have those connections in the first place is unclear. Stalker doesn't like talking about his past, or for that matter, his present, very much. Many rumors spread about his origins, the top two being that he either used to be a black-market arms dealer or a high-level member of the Yozita crime syndicate.

Like Diabo, Stalker is a mutant with special abilities beyond the norm, his expertise being camouflage. His skin can mimic the color and even texture of his surroundings, rendering him invisible when immobile. Even more impressive, he can do the same for objects he's touching directly which explains how his clothes don't reveal his presence. There are limits to this skill: Stalker couldn't make a huge sky crapper vanish, but he could do so with a person slightly smaller than him.

In general, despite the fact he gathered the funds necessary for the whole initiative; Stalker doesn't meddle much in BBR's leadership. He mostly agrees with Plague on everything and leaves it at that. Lately though, Diabo's rashness and disregard of Plague's directives worries him and he's afraid things might get out of hand. He believes Plague should force Diabo to stay in line or remove him from power entirely, but so far, the decrepit mutant hesitates to do so.


Melisa Foster, AKA Wrathchild, wasn't a BBR founder. In fact, she joined the cause quite late, and yet she receives a respect similar to the one reserved for Diabo, Plague, and Stalker. This is due to her fighting skills and reputation. As a teenager, Melisa adopted the identity of Wrathchild, a vigilante who hunted down criminals. The revelation that the scourge of criminals ended up being a 'kid' shocked the world and most wondered how someone so young managed such a feat. Well, the answer lied with her mutation which allows her to move at a ridiculous speed albeit with consequences if abused. On the downside, the mutation affects her brain. More noticeably, this causes a particular speech pattern where she often drops words when speaking because talking at an understandable rate feels too slow for her mind. It also makes it difficult for her to concentrate and focus. Make no mistake, her brain works, though it does so differently.

Wrathchild is known for her unlikely weapon of choice: a sword. Though most would judge such a blade past its prime, she wields it with deadly precision. Still, it's mostly for theatrics and Melisa will use firearms without hesitation if the situation calls for it. Her most prized possession is a motorbike. Countless hours she spends on its maintenance and enjoys riding it beyond anything; even if she can outrun it.


A three-eyed pale blond woman. Allison isn't a mutant but rather a being from another world who mysteriously appeared in Nirnivia out of nowhere, like James. In her case, the unplanned voyage happened when Allison was still a child. She possessed limited telepathic abilities, but lacked control over them. As an adult, BBR kidnapped and enslaved her using whatever crude means they had at their disposal. They amplified her telepathy in order to turn her into a living weapon. When triggered, she can see people's worst fears and reflect the terrors upon them, incapacitating her victim. The illusions are extremely potent and no one has ever been able to resist them, the rub being that this taxes her abilities far beyond their normal limits, meaning she can only do so for twenty minutes per day. If pushed beyond that, she will lose consciousness. While the procedure turned her into a force to be reckoned with, it also wrecked her mind and, in terms of mental abilities, she is a shadow of her former self.

Doctor Death/The Good Doctor

The Nirnivians call him Doctor Death, the Ostarkirans calls him the Good Doctor, but in truth, he has no name. His identity is long-lost as well as his body. The lone biological part remaining is his head: Robotic appendages replace the rest, making him a cyborg. Though still there, his face is ravaged with burns and he only has his left eye. Blue LED lights arranged in a smiley take the place of the other. This is the only smile he can offer for a crudely sown speaker serves as his mouth, and as a result, he speaks in a monotonous tone produced by a vocal synthesizer.

Doctor Death appeared more or less out of nowhere in Ostark and quickly earned the trust of president Laforge. He is a well-learned man and possesses considerable knowledge in many domains including medicine, computer science, chemistry, psychology, and more. Perhaps his greatest skill is that he is very good at predicting how people will react; you'd almost swear he can see into the future. Thanks to this gift, he offered valuable advice to Laforge and his cabinet. Oskar used to be an advanced country in the first place and, with his help, it excelled even more, to the point where Laforge named him vice-president. After an incurable disease claimed Laforge's life, Doctor Death reluctantly took over as he was supposed to and, due to martial law, this remains unchallenged.

Evelyn Losier

Evelyn Losier used to be a low-level Ostarkiran politician doomed to irrelevance due to unpopular views. When Doctor Death came to power, he offered her the position of vice-president to everyone's surprise; especially Evelyn's. Ever since this promotion, she's been extremely devoted to the cyborg, but lately, she's been questioning the way he handles the so-called war with Nirnivia, thus finding herself torn between her loyalty and fear for her country's future.

Anya and Tania

Twin sisters with a passion for science, Anya and Tania share the same facial structure, but differentiate each other by coloring their hair: Pink for Tania and blue for Anya. Both excelled in school from a young age and found themselves invested in pretty much every scientific field, be it physics, biology, chemistry, or pure math. In the end, they specialized in nanotechnology and reveled in their work. This is especially true of Tania who burst with excitement at the mere thought of a new challenge to overcome. Anya is more down to earth, but still, her passion shines whenever she considers the good her next breakthrough will bring to society. Due to their talents, the man known as Doctor Death often hires them for side projects he can't focus on by himself due to limited time.