Common minerals

Nirnivia and Ostark share many of the common minerals from earth, such as iron, magnesium, quartz, and others.


A rare metal celebrated for both its malleability and toughness. If you want something that will last a long time and resist damage like a champ, Dedudinanium is the choice par excellence. That being said, it is expensive and so most applications are military in nature. Before the old war, they developed incredible Dedudinanium alloys that were both nearly indestructible and light. This art has been lost since then, and current alloys are far inferior. Some old artifacts from the past survived, but even though scientists studied them passionately, their mysteries remain unsolved.


Gemstones often used in jewelry. They come in a variety of colors with red and blues being common and green being rare and, by far, the most expensive. Other than their beauty, they lack any pertinent usage.

Yomorok crystal

Light blue crystals renowned for their electrical capabilities. They are used in many electronic devices. While necessary for the functioning of those devices, the crystal is often the weak point as it eventually cracks and becomes useless.

Refined Yomorok crystal

Before the old war, Perz invented a process allowing to increase the capabilities of Yomorok crystals tenfold. This innovation has been lost since then and no one has been able to replicate it, even though many scientists tried. Refined Yomorok crystals are thus extremely rare, with maybe four or five existing in modern time, making them priceless. Refined Yomorok crystals are tougher than normal Yomorok crystals and so will last longer when used in an electronic device, yet they will still crack eventually. Given their limited nature, the few Yomorok crystals available are only used for extremely important projects requiring their capabilities.